Taking a Big Risk: Following Your Passion OR Play it Safe and Miss an Opportunity for Happiness

Taking a Big Risk: Following Your Passion OR Play it Safe and Miss an Opportunity for Happiness

June 13, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Although I’ve been relatively successful in my real estate career, I’ve been disappointed in myself. There is a deep-seated, nagging creative urge inside me that I’ve been ignoring in pursuit of an easy paycheck. Now I’m realizing that if I don’t take action to follow this constant longing, I will have missed the greatest opportunity of my life. I can’t let fear stand in my way anymore. My burning passion won’t leave me alone.

I am very lucky to have an innate gift. I was born with a talent. I have a natural “eye.” My fervent passion for Interior Design is the highest expression of my creative gift and talent. Over the years I’ve acquired lots of intuitive experience.

Several of my family members were/are artists. My father was an amazing architect who had a world-class education at Harvard and University of Michigan under the top architects in the world at the time. Both of my brothers were/are artists, one a graphic designer and jazz guitarist, the other a professional photographer and classical guitarist.

My intuition keeps pushing me to “go for it.” I’ve repeatedly seen the meme that reads, “Fortune favors the bold.” I can’t sleep. It’s a life force that keeps pushing me forward. So I’ve made a decision. Go in the direction of your desire.

I believe the next step is to round out my background. I’ve enrolled in an interior design educational curriculum—the Interior Design Institute. It’s an internationally accredited program for which I’ll receive a Diploma. I’m very excited about it! It’s challenging, but I feel so joyful when I’m working on the projects.

When I saw the following quote somewhere unexpectedly, I knew it was speaking to me. How can I not follow its direction?

“Know your Light and use it to illuminate the world.”

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