Certified Stager/Re-Designer

Ever since I was a young girl growing up in a rather stylish home designed by my architect father and interior designed by his colleague and our good family friend, I knew I had a passion for design aesthetics and an innate eye for it. I love analyzing a forlorn room and deciding what needs to be done to bring life to it so that buyers will be attracted and want to live there.

I will shop with you and shop for you. Consult and make home improvement recommendations for you. I dream, create, design, then execute. I will even plant potted flower gardens for you! My passion knows no bounds!

My motto is “Less is More.” Clean lines. Keep it simple and add a dash of dramatic flair.

I have been staging and re-designing my listings for over 15 years. My photographs tell the story. According to the 2018 Home Staging Resource survey, 85% of sold homes professionally STAGED sold for up to 25% more than unstaged homes.

Please view the following brief video for a taste of the quality of my home staging talent.