My Proven 4-Point Selling Formula: How to Sell Your Home in No Time

My Proven 4-Point Selling Formula: How to Sell Your Home in No Time

February 11, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Now that spring is almost here, there will be plenty of buyers looking to buy with these lower interest rates available. The number of homes for sale is actually predicted to increase from last year which means as a seller you need to have the competitive edge. My proven program – selling your home very quickly for TOP DOLLAR – consists of the following elements:

Updates – Today’s buyers want a home that is move-in ready–they do not want to do much, if any, work to fix up a house. They will wait for the right house and will pay a good price for it. Buyers want a house that has many cosmetic updates completed (especially the kitchen, master bath, flooring and paint) and they want newer internal systems such as furnaces and AC units.

Presentation – Buyers are attracted to a property that is in immaculate condition, both the interior and exterior (including yard and pool). A house that is super clean, clutter-free, styled, and in no apparent need of maintenance will show well and make buyers say “Wow!” when they enter the house. A home like this will also photograph well which will stand out as buyers are searching for properties on the Internet. (I am also an architectural photographer and my photographs are extremely high-quality, striking images that rise above the competition.)

Price – In order for a buyer to want to purchase a home in today’s market, the price must be “right.” It must appraise according to the surrounding recent sales. Buyers will not overpay. I have been able to get most of my sellers 98% of list price or better. Do not overprice or people will not even look at it – they will just pass it by on the Internet. Surprisingly, a property priced low (below market value) in an attempt to entice buyers is difficult to sell in today’s market if it needs much updating and/or repairs.

Strategic Marketing – My proven marketing program has enabled me to sell 3 homes in the past few months in fewer than 2 days. Why does my program work? (1) My sellers take my professional advice and streamline the home by removing personal belongings so the property presents clean, de-cluttered, and de-personalized; (2) the sellers take my professional advice and allow me to price the property relative to recent market sales; (3) I use my unique marketing talents not available to other agents.

Put it all together and MY PROGRAM IS A PROVEN WINNER. If homeowners will follow my program, they can get their homes sold very quickly! Talk to some of my successful sellers. They will tell you how it worked for them. Read my client reviews on this website.

Call me now so you can sell your home in no time following my reliable strategy, just like your many of your neighbors have done. 214.632.3957


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