If Oprah and Santa Can Do It, So Can We! Ten of My Favorite Things

Since 1996, Oprah has put out an annual list of her favorite things. In this season of list-making (“and checking it twice”), I’ve decided if Oprah and Santa can do it, then so can I – and so can you!  Below is a random list of ten of my favorite things. Take a few minutes to make one for yourself then post it in a Comment – I’d love to know what things you value.

(1) Person – my Hairstylist, Furgie. (972.898.3107) She has been styling my hair for 19 years. We collaborate, then she cuts with finesse and I always love the results. Strangers even comment! She would be the person I would miss the most if I ever had to move! http://www.legacysalons.com/

(2)Place/Travel – Washington DC Photo Safari. Most of you know that I am a professional photographer and that it is my passion. Recently I took a one-day workshop from a recognized photographer in Washington DC which “focused” on improving the quality of travel photos. It was time very well spent visiting less popular landmarks and monuments in DC and learning several “tricks” to obtain pro-quality images no matter the location, weather, time, or busy surroundings. Highly recommended. http://washingtonphotosafari.com/

(3) Wine – Artemis Cabernet Sauvignon, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Napa ($45). I rarely drink or buy wine priced over $25/bottle. But I really wanted to try a Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Cab because I had read that it won first place for reds in the little-known 1976 Paris wine tasting that catapulted California wines onto the world stage. It truly is delicous! Worth the price for a special occasion.

(4) Food – My family Chicken Cacciatore recipe – one of my favorite homemade Italian dishes and perfect in the winter months. Contact me for the recipe. Delish!

(5) Software Program – Cook’n Recipe Organizer and Menu Planner software. My new favorite project! This is a cool program that enables you to: organize all those loose recipes you have stuck here and there, plan and store menus, and search for recipes from lots of different e-cookbooks. It also automatically generates nutritional information, grocery lists and calculates recipes for the number of servings you need. The best thing is that you can produce your own cookbook! http://www.dvo.com/

(6) Music – Blue Rodeo. My new fave music group. Our friends turned me on to this Canadian band and now I’m sort of obsessed with their songs – so easy to sing along to! So odd for me because I usually stick to good ole’ rock and roll. Their music is a combination of light rock and country/blue grass and features great harmonics in poetic style. My favorite CD is “Five Days in July.” http://www.bluerodeo.com/

(7) Restaurant – Seasons 52. My new fave restaurant. (Located in Shops at Legacy, Plano, and many other cities) Their specialty is seasonal dishes of no more than 475 calories prepared with fresh foods. The food and wine menus are interesting, the restaurant décor is so beautiful, prices reasonable. Everything I’ve eaten there has been really good. I just keep going back! http://www.seasons52.com/

(8) Book – Judgment of Paris: California vs France and the Historic 1976 Paris Tasting that Revolutionized Wine. Did you see the movie “Bottle Shock” a few years ago? The movie was based on this true story (see reference above under Wine). If you are interested in wine tasting, collecting, and wine country, you will likely enjoy this book. It’s a fascinating, almost unbelievable account of an obscure event that instantly changed the global wine industry and essentially started the popularity of California wines. Provides interesting background on the origins of the wine industry and the history of the Napa Valley. I loved learning so much about one of my favorite pleasures in this book!  

(9) Artist – Candice White, Photographer. I love many kinds of art, but especially photography. It is so nice to know a portrait photographer who has the talent to combine creativity and the technicalities of photography to produce beautiful artsy images of people. You just don’t find this talent too often with commercial portrait photographers. Look at the gorgeous images she created of my daughter, Grace – one when she was 4 years old, and her recent high school graduation portrait. I’m not biased! http://candicewhite.com/

(10) Website – MyPublisher . I love to create professional-quality photo books at this website. Easy to use program, lots of options available to make a stunning book, and there is always a discount offer going on. Every time I travel or go to an event I want to document, I take lots of photos, then create a beautiful photo book as a memento. It is fun to do and people love these personal books. Great gifts! I’ve tried other photo book websites, but this is my favorite. mypublisher.com

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