Architectural Photographer

From a family of designer/artists and photographers, I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years. I owned a portrait studio in Plano while raising my children for ten years, making portraits of brides, children, executives, graduates, pets, and families. However, my passion is architectural photography. (Buildings do not cry and they don’t move!) My architectural shooting skills were sharpened when I trained with Richard Sharum, owner and founder of Shoot2Sell, where I worked for a time in its formative days. It was a great experience, and reinforced my love of architecture and structural design and interpreting it through the lens.

As a primary aspect of my marketing campaign, I rely on my talent as a photographer and use it as a competitive edge to sell my listings. My striking images, which I refine in Photoshop after they are shot, stand out above the rest when buyers are searching on-line. The attractive compositions, bold colors, sharp lines and curves, and visible textures POP, exciting the viewer’s imagination, luring the buyer to see the property personally.